Pissotière, Montparnasse, Paris. Yes, one of the things I shot whilst racing around Paris for a day was this urinal. A police car pulled over as I was taking photos – although they were puzzled as to why I was photographing a pissotière they didn’t mind, they were more concerned about the prison behind. In my broken French I explained myself and they watched as I finished things off. Read below as to why this urinal is significant.

Time Out Paris edition 19

Published by Ben Rowe

I take photos of life, for work and for pleasure...mainly in London but sometimes further afield.

3 thoughts on “Pissotière

  1. I have just been educated. Wow. This is fascinating and really, really cool. I don’t remember seeing these in the other places I visited in France (a long time ago), but I’m so curious — where do ladies go????? See? Men have it so much easier than we do! 😉

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