Palais Garnier shop

Boutique de l’Opéra National de Paris, Palais Garnier, Paris. A beautiful mix of the old and new, lit by lights reflected off of huge convex mirrors, this boutique shop in the Palais Garnier sells all things opera and ballet related, from books and dvds to tutus.

Time Out Paris for Visitors

Published by Ben Rowe

I take photos of life, for work and for pleasure...mainly in London but sometimes further afield.

2 thoughts on “Palais Garnier shop

  1. Your welcome…
    Thank’s for your coment in my blog…
    Your photography is very nice, hehehe 😀
    By the way, how about you think my blog?

  2. A natural light in these photos. You managed to control and balance it very well, bravo!
    PS: one more place on my wish list, which is getting to long…and with the economic crisis around…

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