The Old Blue Last

The Old Blue Last, Great Eastern Street, London. The Old Blue Last is a pub and live music venue in East London run by Vice. It hosts ‘forward-thinking’ bands and DJs every night (usually for free) and is the epitome of shoreditch cool, always full of hip twenty somethings. The band in my photos below is The History of Apple Pie.

About Ben Rowe

I take photos of life, for work and for pleasure...mainly in London but sometimes further afield.
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3 Responses to The Old Blue Last

  1. There is an “atmosphere” in your pub’s photos. And I like the blurred people in the opening image, I’m just curious to know if you shoot it free hand.

  2. Ben Rowe says:

    Hi Robert, no I used a tripod for that pic – 1/2 a second exposure…I wish I could hold the camera that still! Thanks for all your comments and likes! Ben

  3. Karl Chapman says:

    Echoing Robert, and I like they the set of pictures tell a story, nice work

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